Friends Remember Greg Lombardi
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Dear Christy, Cole and Greg's family,

My name is Ali Cole, an intern of Greg's who was in Arusha with the Gov 1 team this past year (glasses, brown hair, New Zealander, we met at a BBQ at the intern house and I was making peg people with Cole). I got your email address from Andra Mobberley as I asked how I can pass on my condolences and do anything to be of help.

Greg passing away is beyond words, an overwhelming tragedy and I have been so upset thinking about what you are going through. I have been thinking of everyone and sending over supportive vibes and hoping you are surrounded by love and care.

There are so many special memories of Greg, and as he was the intern supervisor, there are a bunch of people out there like me who find ourselves working as Greg showed us. He always had figured out the system worked - be it finding cases online, drafting in particular formats, getting CD-ROMs all nice and organized complete with labels, which people in CMS could be sweet-talked for handing in motions slightly late, how the law fitted together, which case to read for what authority in fact, we used to say he was the Tribunals walking reference library.

The thing that makes Greg so cool is that he was so fun to be around. He would pop into the office on the way by, crack a few jokes, tell great stories at lunch about days working in Disneyland or when the Tanzania cops were trying to draft up their road traffic accident report. I also really appreciated his awareness by that I mean, there were for sure challenging moments working on the Gov 1 case and Greg had great skills for knowing when to tell you to take a break or share in a gripe about something about the work which was getting you down. People said that Greg was the glue keeping the Gov 1 case together, and I think that reflects how he is the kind of person who meant a lot to a lot of people. Because he was so nice to work with, we interns would be quite happy to bear the brunt of Greg's perfectionist streak redrafting documents from passive to active voice or redoing CaseMap entries.

I would really like to do something in honor of Greg. If there is anything I can do, if there is a charity I can make a donation to, please do let me know. I am also writing a law article on some of the work I did with Greg and with your permission I would like to thank him for teaching me so much. Please know that my thoughts are with you all and especially with Cole, I hope if one day he ever wants to talk with someone who knows what its like to work for his Dad, he feels free to look me up.

Love from Ali.